Identifying and Removing Triggers

The activating factors that can trigger a migraine were discussed in the cause of migraine page that includes changes in stress levels, sleep duration, hormonal levels, weather patterns as well as exposure to certain foods and food chemicals. These may include certain foods, chemicals, activities, stressors, etc. There are now special blood tests that we can order and send to the Signet specialized lab that has been developed to identify a person’s chemical sensitivity to food chemical and food triggers that is specific to the person. This is distinct from the previous allergy testing that was very imprecise and usually not helpful. The testing process followed by detailed dietary counseling has demonstrated remarkably good benefit for many who were having frequent migraine despite usual treatment measures. The principle is to identify which chemicals to take out of the person’s system rather than adding more medication chemicals in to control the migraine. For decades we have used generalized migraine diets that are difficult to follow and would include many foods the person was not sensitive to. This current program is much more effective and specific for each person. For more information, visit