Fitness Assessment and Exercise Prescription

Exercise is important! At Puget Sound Neurology we offer individualized exercise prescription and fitness assessments, done by ACSM certified Exercise Physiologist and Brain Health Trainer Adrienne McNamara, PhD.

Dr. McNamara, who holds a doctorate in Exercise Science   partners with with patients of all ages, abilities, and diseases (providing physician clearance to exercise) to develop an individualized exercise prescription/program designed to improve overall health and disease state. She specializes in brain and bone health.

What you can expect from an Exercise Consultation:

To schedule an appointment, email: please call the office at 253-284-4488


For established patients of Puget Sound Neurology, we are able to bill insurance as part of your comprehensive neurological care. For new patients, or those seeking help for non-neurological conditions, we offer private pay packages of $200 for 3 visits (if purchased in advance), or $60 /1 hour visit. 

Fitness Assessment and Exercise Prescription