Fitness Assessment and Exercise Prescription

A proper exercise program is essential for optimizing health for the general population, but especially for individuals suffering from any chronic condition. In light of this, the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) has recently launched the Exercise is Medicine campaign, emphasizing that exercise can carry true medicinal value and encouraging all physicians to discuss their patients’ physical activity status. Recent research has also shown the benefits of exercise for brain health and improvement in neurological conditions. Despite the benefits of exercise, 60% of US adults do not meet the recommended minimum amounts of physical activity.

Puget Sound Neurology and Integrative Health Center offers individualized exercise prescription and fitness assessments, done by Adrienne McNamara, PhD. Dr. McNamara is an American College of Sports Medicine Certified Exercise Physiologist and holds the ACSM Exercise is Medicine Credential. In addition, she hold a doctorate in Exercise Science.  As coordinator of the Integrative Health Center, she works with individual patients of all ages, abilities, and diseases (providing physician clearance to exercise) to determine their current level of fitness, discuss goals, and then develop an individualized exercise prescription/program helping the patient enhance overall health and improve disease states.

What you can expect from an Exercise Consultation:

To schedule an appointment, email: please call the office at 253-284-4488


For established patients of Puget Sound Neurology, we are able to bill insurance as part of your comprehensive neurological care. For new patients, or those seeking help for non-neurological conditions, we offer private pay packages of $200 for 3 visits (if purchased in advance), or $60 /1 hour visit. 

Fitness Assessment and Exercise Prescription