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Nutrition Counseling in Tacoma, WA

We are committed to accurate, honest nutrition counseling based on the most current research.

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The Migraine Diet Connection

Reactions to foods and food chemicals can play a key role in triggering migraines.

Identifying reactivity to food can be frustrating since symptoms can occur 4 to even 96 hours after a food or chemical is ingested. In addition the types of food that trigger migraines are highly individual and usually involve more than one food or food chemical.

Implementing a process to avoid these foods and food chemicals has been demonstrated to improve the frequency and severity of migraine pain and in some situations eliminate migraines completely.

When should you consider adverse food reactions?

  • When migraine pain is frequent and persistent
  • When more than one medical problem is present
  • When you are not getting the relief you want from medical treatment

What can you expect from a migraine nutrition consultation

  • Comprehensive review of your diet and medical history
  • Blood test of your individual reaction to 150 food and food chemicals, with a greater than 90 % accuracy.
  • Personalized elimination diet guidelines based on your blood test results.
  • Intervention counseling for preventing inflammatory and non inflammatory migraine triggers
  • Menu planning and recipes for a healthy diet to prevent migraine pain
  • Individualized recommendations for nutritional supplements
  • Restoration and Rotation diet building based on your individualized nutritional needs.

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Neurological Disorders and Nutrition

Nutrition is a key lifestyle component to brain health. Nutrition counseling can help delay the progression of your disease and help you manage any symptoms you may be experiencing.

What you can expect from a nutrition consultation

  • Comprehensive review of your medical and nutrition history
  • Medication review and diet adjustments for optimal disease management
  • Individualized diet guidelines to maintain a healthy body weight and muscle stores.
  • Recipes and cooking advice for health, disease prevention and symptom management
  • Meal planning for antioxidant, minimal free radical exposure eating
  • Individualized nutrition supplement recommendations based on the most current research
  • Resources for additional meal planning and food selections

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Located in Tacoma, WA, South Puget Sound Neurology provides exceptional nutrition counseling services. Our team of experienced and certified nutritionists is dedicated to helping you achieve optimal health and well-being. Specializing in personalized meal plans and dietary recommendations, we address various neurological conditions such as migraines, epilepsy, and Parkinson’s disease. Take control of your health today by calling (253) 284-4488 to schedule a consultation with our dedicated team and embark on a transformative journey towards a healthier, happier life.

Joan B. Hogan, RD, CD

Migraine Dietitian Specializing in food and food chemical sensitivity.

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