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Fitness Assessment & Exercise Prescription in Tacoma, WA

Enhance your health and well-being with personalized fitness assessments and exercise prescriptions in Tacoma, Washington. At Puget Sound Neurology, our dedicated team provides comprehensive services to cater to your unique needs.

Benefit from the expertise of Dr. Adrienne McNamara, an ACSM certified Exercise Physiologist and Brain Health Trainer. Dr. McNamara, a distinguished professional with a doctorate in Exercise Science, collaborates closely with patients in Tacoma and the surrounding areas. Regardless of age, ability, or specific medical conditions (subject to physician clearance), she offers tailored exercise prescriptions and programs aimed at enhancing overall health and addressing individual disease states. Her specialization lies in promoting optimal brain and bone health.

Choose Puget Sound Neurology for cutting-edge fitness assessments and personalized exercise prescriptions, all conveniently available in the Tacoma area and schedule an appointment using our online form. Experience the transformative power of exercise under the guidance of Dr. McNamara, a recognized expert in the field.

What you can expect from an Exercise Consultation:

  • 1-hour appointment including risk assessment, fitness assessment (including submaximal aerobic fitness, muscular fitness, strength, balance, functional status), body composition assessment (when requested) and help with goal setting.
  • Return appointment including an individualized exercise prescription based on results of fitness tests and goals. Appointment will also include counseling about the prescription and to develop plans for implementation.
  • Follow up appointments (in person, over email or phone) to re-assess fitness and evaluate the exercise program and make changes as necessary.

To schedule an appointment, email: please call the office at 253-284-4488.


For established patients of Puget Sound Neurology, we are able to bill insurance as part of your comprehensive neurological care. For new patients, or those seeking help for non-neurological conditions, we offer private pay packages of $200 for 3 visits (if purchased in advance), or $60 /1 hour visit. 

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